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I support Parents in their development to conscious parenthood and building close relationships with their children, which they will enjoy together for the rest of their lives.

Understanding your emotions and patterns of behavior is the first step towards conscious parenting and better understanding your children of all ages. Getting out of non-constructive reaction patterns and creating a family culture that respects the individuality of each of its members, supporting children in maturing into self-directed adults, will result in the creation of authentic relationships that you will enjoy for many years.

We arrange parental consultations according to your needs: for the period in which you need support, until you feel competent, gain new knowledge and broaden your perspective.

Kamienie równowaga


meet yourself, to meet others

I support Clients on their way to living in harmony with themselves and building healthy relationships based on the principle of equal dignity

Authentic bonds are built through genuine understanding.
Take care of your relationships to feel fulfilled and go your own way.
To achieve this, first get to know yourself well, understand your psychological needs, develop your emotional intelligence and discover resources.

We start with examining your psychological needs, beliefs and verifying your goals versus values. This method of work brings quick results as you reach to the sources of problems that you face in various areas of your life. You are led through the process of change, which will allow you to constructively rebuild relationships while respecting your boundaries and individuality



in our response lies our growth and our freedom

I support Clients in the process of professional development by defining a coherent personal and professional identity.

To use your potential effectively, it is not enough to rely on the acquired academic knowledge or previous professional experience. Choose mindfully a path that is right for you.

If you want to decide what to leave behind and what to invite more into your life, find intrinsic motivation and work in accordance with your core values – act consciously to set goals that are easy to commit to. In result, in a short time you will enjoy the feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction with your actions.

How are we going to work?

There are many possibilities, choose whatever suits you best.

In PCM®* and SI coaching you pick a package of sessions to accomplish a concrete growth plan. We work on your resources, take succeeding steps in the direction you choose, and your involvement in the process allows you to consolidate new, productive operating strategies.
You can read more about PCM® here.

Strategic Intervention Coaching is a breakthrough strategy that allows you to create positive changes in life in a short time. SI is a holistic approach and is based on the use of the most practical and effective interventions and communication from many different scientific disciplines : Ericksonian therapy, Victor Frankl’s logotherapy, strategic family therapy, Human Needs Psychology, strategic and organizational studies as well as e.g. traditions of diplomacy and negotiation.

Strategic Intervention Coaching was developed by Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark and Magali Peysha. SI Coaching is distinguished by high efficiency thanks to the focus on expressing and satisfying psychological needs, which gives the benefit of quick results in a short time.

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