I have a degree in linguistics, studied sociology, hold Executive MBA degree of Polish Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Economics; I have professional experience in the international business environment holding managerial positions.

However, starting a family and bringing my children into the world changed everything. Today, first of all, I am a wife and a mother with all my heart, and also a Tutor.

The role of wife and mother has led me to seek answers to questions about building a happy family. Children awake in me an infinite motivation for development, my husband provides extraordinary support in my activities.

I was searching for a path of education to be, not only strong, but equally happy and good person aware of their potential and building their character on a strong foundation of values. I believe that Tutoring is such a path and it is worth entering at various stages of one’s life – continuing education, designing life and career path; and planning goals or changes in life.

I have completed a first-level tutor course at Collegium Wratislaviense; specialization in Positive Psychology at University of Pennsylvania; certification training for Familylab trainers. Gaining these competences was an extremely valuable experience for me, I continue self-development and undergo trainings to share this knowledge and spread ideas that change the world around me for the better.


You must demand from yourselves,
even if others do not demand from you.
St. John Paul II

Tutoring is an elite form of personal development traditionally practiced at Oxbridge universities. Tutoring draws from the considerations of classical philosophy and new fields of science as Positive Psychology, to define individual paths of personal development and effective strategies to overcome them in the pursuit of a happy life. While working with tutor, you can deal with specific areas of your life such as education, career, implementation of change, overcoming internal limitations. However, thanks to the holistic view of a person and their needs, working in each of these areas will be beneficial in all spheres of life.

In practice, tutoring is an individual meeting, a conversation through which tutor directs you when formulating and achieving goals, defining areas to work, accompanies you during this process through inspiration, support, constructive feedback based on his knowledge and experience.
Tutoring uses a variety of work techniques to adopt effective action strategies to achieve well-defined goals and thereby develop character.
During the meetings, we discuss progress, analyze problems, look for solutions, and take up challenges. Real change and development takes place through individual work and client’s reflection between sessions.

You take the subsequent steps on the personal development path, I will be your guide.

If you want to define goals that will help you grow; overcome difficulties that affect your performance; enter a higher level of life satisfaction – tutoring will be the right method for you, one that will let you will broaden your horizons and build strong foundations.

I invite those who are open to change, ready for demanding work on themselves, raising self-awareness and developing their potential.

We can work in Polish or in English.





Are you interested in getting to know yourself better and improving yourself, defining key values, developing talents?
Are you searching for the path of education that will be consistent with your talents, and will help you discover and polish them?
Are you looking for a career path meeting the expectations of a job that gives you satisfaction and develops your strengths?


Quality is not an act,
it is a habit.


If yes, then tutoring is an opportunity for you to dive into these areas while working at discovering values, searching for talents and defining goals. Developing self-awareness when entering adulthood is crucial to make decisions in accordance with one’s values, so that their long-term effects are beneficial to our development. Defining our values at the stage of determining the path of education and career, we can set more exciting goals – which is the first step to finding a dream job. Tutoring will also be an opportunity to practice critical thinking (‘how’ to think, not ‘what’ to think); present and defend arguments, which will create greater self-confidence, independence and self-discipline.


If you feel that you have been directed by a chance rather than a conscious decision on your current career path; you are tired of the scenario written for you by others and feel ready for a change – tutoring is a method that will help you to consciously pursue this stage of development and define your own definition of success, which will be a lasting source of inspiration and satisfaction for you. Working on beliefs and goals will be an opportunity to define a coherent personal and professional identity. My task will be to inspire you in the process of change, to take care of your overall development, not only in the educational or professional layer, which will make the changes deep and lasting.


How does it work?

During individual meetings (60-90 minutes) held in 1-2 week intervals, we will respectively seek and define goals, develop the competences needed to achieve them. Using appropriately selected tools, I will help you discover the resources you already have and teach you how to use them productively. We will work on developing a growth mindset that will contribute to building career capital enabling that the life roles you adopt are consistent with your identity.  


Are you wondering about the direction you want to give your parenthood?
Are you lost in the offered educational methods?
Do you want to create a happy family based on shared values with the space for the individuality of each of its members?

Children do not need to be raised or brought up,
they need empathic guidance as they grow.
Jesper Juul


I invite parents to individual workshops of mindful parenting.

I will not point you the only right way to develop for your family, the 3 or 5 steps method by which you will take control over your child’s specific behaviors. I will not urge you to carry out a revolution to achieve some randomly imposed goals …

We will look at the individual situation of your family and through workshop work, provide you with knowledge and competence to independently choose the right path to your mindful parenting. Using tutoring methods, we will work at your pace on your habits that you are not satisfied with as parents. We will learn about the valuable ideas of mindful parenting and their practical application to strengthen your leadership respecting child’s integrity and hence raising your self-confidence as a parent. By adopting a broader perspective, we will define key values suitable for your family that will be a signpost in difficult situations.

I also conduct Familylab seminars presenting the philosophy of Jesper Juul. Dates appear on my website and the Familylab website.
I also invite you to private seminars, to be agreed by e-mail.

I invite parents of toddlers, preschoolers, schoolers as well as those who wonder “when is it too late for bringing children up”.


Let’s start cooperation!

If you have questions or would like to start cooperation with me, please contact me:

Anna Hady Tutoring
Royal Wilanów
ul. Klimczaka 1
02-797 Warszawa



Let’s start cooperation!

If you have questions or would like to start cooperation with me, please contact me:

Anna Hady Tutoring
Royal Wilanów
ul. Klimczaka 1
02-797 Warszawa